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How it works:

1. Fill out your listing
2. We'll review and confirm everything looks good
3. You'll get a link to browse and filter everyone else

Use Cofounder Curious if you:

Have a startup idea and want to find a cofounder
Are open to ideas from others
Know a problem area really well and are curious about starting a company
Want to test the waters and meet others who might want to start something

Don't use it if:

You want to sell to startups

Campfire is sponsored by Start to Scale, Shepherd and Wedderburn's initiative to supercharge start-ups and scale-ups


Guidelines for your listing

Be brief. No text area response should be longer than 1000 characters. Use this as a way to share a bit about you, how you think and who you are, so you can explore more fully on a call.



If you’re an early-stage business that’s currently fundraising, you can submit your information using the below form. We’ll use this to create a listing, that will be sent out to our investor network. There’s no cost to submitting to DFW.When you’ve submitted, we’ll review and make sure it meets our quality requirements. If it doesn’t, we’ll provide feedback.View an example listing and read why we structure it this way. If you can't see the form below, tap here.

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